What’s the best way to sell Bulgarian property?

There are really only two options available for selling property in Bulgaria: your own marketing or via a professional agency. There are no auction houses or ‘Purple Bricks’ style institutions whereby buyers and sellers can find each other through a shared economy model. The legal necessity to have a Notary authorise any property transaction, combined with the international nature of supply and demand involving multiple languages, largely removes the capacity for any modern solution.

Bulgarian Estate Agencies

Few people like estate agents, they tend to warrant their reputation for bending the truth, not declaring their loyalties, spinning a tale to justify any price and get the deal done regardless of the best interests of the buyer or seller. However, they really are a necessary mechanism in the Bulgarian property market, all owners can benefit by employing a professional agent and keeping them on a short leash. Deciding who to employ as your agent is critical for every seller, ultimately its your most significant decision in the whole process.

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